Thursday, August 21, 2008

::Sweet Potato Chip Wagon!::

Ok. So most of us have a wicked passion for chip wagons. {Some indulge more than others, perhaps.} The best chips are thick and crispy and loaded with flavour. But there is always a variation on any theme, and The Sweet Potato seriously sweetens up the original fry. Today I ordered a LARGE Sweet Potato Fries with a side of "Homemade Chipotle Dip" for $4.75. A humble serving size for the price, but that's for the best, right? And these were GOOD. Crisp & spicy and well paired with the creamy dip. The owners have done a wonderful job of cleaning up the greasy image of the traditional wagon by offering delicious sounding salads alongside the less healthy fare, as well as placing potted plants, a dining tent and picnic tables around the property.

*The Sweet Potato*
Go get some, if you can.