Wednesday, November 05, 2014

::Black Dining Room::

I did it! I finally painted the dining room black. We're still a harvest table away from being able to really make it the room we envisioned, but it's on it's way. The top half is all chalkboard. Mama's chalkboard. I expect smudging and the occasional doodle to appear at about kid-height, but it's meant to be my own personal transformable wallpaper.

::Not-Halloween Party::

We grew up Trick or Treating, and loved every minute of it, but we have a few friends who would rather not deal with the ghoulishness. We've talked about transforming our property into a not-Halloween fun zone for years. Bobbing for donuts, bean bag toss, scavenger hunt through the lantern-lit woods, pumpkin hunt. . . It was all about the kids. And the candy.