Monday, December 29, 2008

::Beloved Trappings::

There are times when I feel I am being stripped of all of my beloved trappings. I can never point back in time to the precise moment it all begins to fall away, I simply wake up and feel bare.
I am living in that place right now.
No pictures. No posts. No paintbrush.
My camera didn't break. My computer is up and running. I haven't been robbed of my art supplies. I have simply been robbed of any desire to put them to use.
I suspect it's God's way of holding my chin in His hands and turning my gaze towards Him.
Stare into my face for awhile and know me.
When the things that keep me playfully distracted are no longer palatable, and I'm twiddling my thumbs and staring up into the sky, it's Him I will ponder. I will ask; now that I see the core of me, it's looking pretty bleak. What do you want me to put on?
Maybe He will show me how to search for Him in the scriptures EVERY DAY. Maybe He will show me how to truly be attentive to my children every time they call. Maybe He will take my breath away with moments of revealed wonders.
But will I be listening?
Lens cap is on. Monitor is dark. Paints are dry.
I am listening.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So, this blog ain't pretty for nothing.
It's pretty because my eyes are happy looking at it. In truth, almost all of the blogs to which I subscribe are beautiful.
You guys out there are not going to appreciate this, but the ladies just might; if you read subscriptions via Google Reader, check this out:
Since you must be there now look up in the top right corner of your screen. See the "Settings" button? Press that. Now look for the "Goodies" button. Now drag that NEXT button up into your Bookmarks Toolbar and start using it!
You click it and the latest blog post pops up on your screen in all of it's true beauty. No more bland white Reader screen.

Friday, December 19, 2008

::Being There::

Twenty little people standing at the front of their classroom. Shifting from foot to foot. One wearing a red Santa hat. Many in red and green. Small hands holding an assortment of musical instruments. Mine is looking a little nervous. I can tell he is fighting an inner compulsion to place his thumb in his mouth. He's looking around. Trying to see through the mess of chairs and parents and siblings and coats. The hope and expectation is etched all over his face, making me desperate to get his attention. I am up on my tiptoes. I am waving. I finally call his name.
And then he sees me.
And his face lights up in a way that makes me grin. He grabs the sleeve of the friend next to him. I see his mouth shape the words, "my mom is here." I keep grinning in an attempt to keep back the tears. Because his adoration for me is so striking and beautiful. And his pleasure at my presence is so transparent. I am his mom. And being there is what I do.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

::Merry & Bright::

Christmas prettiness

Friday, December 12, 2008

::Advent Calendars::

I have loved this idea ever since I spotted this *"Hats and Mittens Advent Calendar"* by Garnet Hill in Country Living Magazine. Should I knit myself 25 tiny hats and mitts? Or should I do it like Martha and just string together some cute finds:

*"Baby Sock Advent Calendar."*

All of this is just superfluous cuteness. We already have a lovely advent calendar. But can't we have countdowns all over the house?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

::Monday Twins::

On Mondays, I am the mother of twins.
For about two months now I have been taking Elyssa as my own while her Mom gets a good work day in. And for that one day I get to hug and cuddle, care for and FEED two little ones very close in age. This means twice the fun; twice the challenge. When one cries, the other cries. When one wants up, the other wants up. When one eats, the other must eat. . .
And so the spoon goes in one mouth, then the other.
{And, yes, they seem suspiciously prone to being sick at the same time.}

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

::Been Crafting::

I've been crafting. . .
See what I have been up to *HERE*

Sunday, December 07, 2008

::Wine Tags::

Yesterday we hosted the annual St. Nick's gift exchange at our home. Forty family members milling around, many of whom came with bottles of wine. Having predicted as much I first went and bought a dozen new wine glasses to add to my three. Next, I conscripted the kids to a craft. I cut 15 lengths of silver wire and hooked one end. I dumped a handful of assorted beads onto a plate and the kids strung the ones they liked onto the wire. I looped the last end and forms these beautiful wine tags! Each ended up completely unique, {which is the point}. And they proved to be incredibly helpful last night. On several occasions I had to scan the counter tops until I found my Red & Green tag.

Friday, December 05, 2008

::Christmas Idea Number Eight::

Wallpaper wrapping paper.
::Idea Number Eight::

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

::Getting Festive::

Glass Juice Jar filled with Red and Gold ornaments.
Berry Branches hung with tiny Red & Orange ornaments
Chandelier hung with Gold stars

It begins. . .