Friday, October 30, 2009

::World's Largest Puzzle::

uzzles make my list of favourite things. . .

{Click to see larger}

. . . And this one makes me want to do a happy dance. Oooooh, I want it!!! I have always ADORED puzzles and this one is complete eye-candy. It is 24,000 pieces, which translates to 14 feet by 5 feet! Unfortunately it costs about $300. Also, I would have to explain the falsehood of the explosion depicting the "Big Bang," in the upper portion of the puzzle. But I want to make this baby and hang it up! I think I will have to see if the price drops over the next year though.

See the official site for the World's Largest Puzzle

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

::Thanks looked like. . . ::

hanks looked like this. . .

Saturday, October 10, 2009

::Summer & Cooper::

Meet ooper & ummer:

Head count:

Two adults.
Five kids.
Two kittens.
Two dogs!

Two BIG dogs.

We have welcomed two stunningly beautiful Bernese Mountain dogs into the family. Whoa, right? I know. Crazy, right? Maybe. But you have to meet these two. Seriously. It all started when we received an e-mail about two labs who needed a home. They were immunized and "fixed" and ready to go. Aidan's heart melted. He really wanted to take them in. I warmed to the idea and we went for it. It didn't work out. But now the emotional ball was rolling. . . I took a peek on Kijiji. I typed "Bernese Mountain dog" and up popped an ad that read: Two Bernese Mountain dogs FREE to good home. I fired off an e-mail right away. And within a few hours we were off to visit the dogs.

They came bounding out of the house nuzzling and rolling around and generally being big adorable sucks. Summer is 3 years-old and "rangy". She simply demands cuddles. During a movie with the kids, she came and notched her head sideways into my lap and stationed herself their until Cooper muscled her out of the way for his turn. Cooper is roughly the size of a bear and also very affectionate-- only far less jiggly and frantically gleeful. He is 4 years-old, which means in a year he will be considered a senior. Crazy. So we have to go easy on him. For example, I told Elijah to dismount when I caught him trying to ride Cooper like a horse. I have a soft spot for Cooper.

Why in the world would anyone give up such beautiful and loving dogs at this point, now that they are trained and socialized? It turns out the three year-old daughter of the family has developed really unpleasant allergies. This was a very reluctant goodbye. In fact, Aidan told me the owners were both crying through their farewells. They won't see these dogs again. For their daughters' sake they want a clean break. She has been told that Summer and Cooper are "on vacation." I have promised, however, to give regular updates via e-mail to set their hearts at ease.

If today is any indication, I will have only glowing reports to give. The dogs piled out of the van and made themselves at home. We walked them around the perimeter of the property. Showed them where to do their business. Spent the afternoon cuddling with them and introducing them to the kids. And we went for a good walk. Tonight Aidan is at a Sens game. Normally I would have that uncomfortable home-alone feeling. But I don't. I am watching Runaway Bride with a dog or two warming my lap.

Yes, there are challenges:
1. They are big and hairy. Anyone who knows me is aware of my love of clean floors, but I have already given them a good brush down and will do so regularly.
2. They will need time to bond with us after having been loved for so long in another home. Frankly, I have been amazed at how easily they seem to have accepted Aidan and I as their new owners. But they are super emotional dogs and will need extra attention in the next few weeks to make them feel at home. (This minute, Summer is at the bottom of the stairs crying because I have left her for five minutes.)
3. They are so big that, should their health deteriorate, they have the potential to be very costly to keep . Aidan and I have set our limits, however, and will not go further than is financially wise.
4. Finally, we will likely only have two to three good years with them. For some inexplicable reason this breed's life expectancy has plummeted in recent years from 10-12 years to 7-8. They don't live very long. We don't have to think about that yet. . .

Now is the time of life to take these chances. We are a young family who can't go on lengthy vacations. If we camp, they will camp. If we stay at Grammie and Grandpa's, they will stay at Grammie and Grandpa's. (Yes, I got clearance.) We have to stay close to home. We haven't got expensive furniture. We have kids with the energy to give these dogs the attention they need. We have to try.

As I mentioned HERE, we have begun to finish a large section of the basement to accommodate these two. This will be doggy home base until I get my bearings. We have it set up as an extra living space: somewhere the the kids can play, and we can veg with a movie in the evenings. And that's just what I was in the middle of doing. I better get back to it--Summer's calling.

From family of seven to nine in one day.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Monday, October 05, 2009

::Orange Whirlwind::

ur basement is undergoing a whirlwind renovation for reasons I will share in due time.
It is a very big space, but is only lit by one square window. So, knowing that the effect had to be light, but also cozy, I have opted to do white wainscoting topped with burnt orange. I can accent orange with green or eggplant purple or fuchsia. I am well acquainted with the colour, since my old kitchen was tangerine.

If you remember THIS post, you'll know the style we are leaning towards. I am looking forward to finding scraps by the side of the road or on UsedOttawa to make the space look just right.

Saturday, October 03, 2009


This is my "REST" series. Nature going to sleep for winter.
I will put together a "RISE" series this spring and complete a new pair of window frames like THESE.