Friday, November 23, 2007

Craft Sale Photos

Sigh. By the way-- doing it all over again tomorrow...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ugh & Other things

This has been the least pleasant day of my pregnancy. I ache from head to toe. My head is throbbing. I feel nauseous. And I have had intermittent sharp pains in my stomach for the past 24 hours.
Yes, I went to the hospital, and the baby is fine. I am just worn out and, as it turns out, a little dehydrated. . .

Yesterday was my first Craft Fair experience. My wonderful sister accompanied me and my bucket soft branches to Almonte and sat with me from 9:00- 4:00. As the day progressed, a few things became very clear to us:
1. The average age of the buyers was 70.
2. The average craft table was selling knitted goods and country kitch.
3. The 70 year-olds were clearly interested in those tables. Not ours.

So it was that Kate and I got very little business. Across the way, another younger, trendier table was suffering as well. And the young girl next to us only sold $12 worth of her photography. The few people that bought from me were young and LOVED my things with a healing enthusiasm. I made a grand total of $42, most of which was later spent of Chinese takeout.

It all sounds like a recipe for discouragement, but we had fun!
Our little corner of vendors, dejected as we were, became bonded to one another through common neglect. Kate and I made some friends, some of whom live close by in the countryside. And we learned a lot about sales and consumer psychology. At least we'd like to think we have.
We won't be returning to this venue next year, but thanks to new friendships, I now have some leads regarding some more suitable venues for my things.

About my current ailments. Kate and I were so busy not selling things yesterday that we forgot to feed ourselves. I ingested three cups of coffee and a banana all day long. Once I added Chinese to that list I was clearly asking for a world of pain. And that's what I got. I have been drinking water steadily ever since and still not recovered.

1. The Almonte Civitan Craft Fair isn't my scene
2. Fun can be had even in failure
3. There's NO accounting for taste
4. Drink Water!

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Orders have been coming in slowly. I'm beginning to feel like an artist again. Mom insisted that my lanterns would be the golden ticket, so to speak. Sure enough, I have been getting a fair bit of interest in them. This is my first custom lantern. A woman met her fiance at a music festival in Michigan. "Trees, grass & sky, and a piano," were her only guidelines. And here's what I've made her!

My second custom order is for one of my Decorative Alphabet Blocks. It's a Christmas present for a woman's parents. It has to be a "P" block for their last name. And she has suggested ideas for the images along the sides, which include a "red barn," and a "black schnauzer."

I love this!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Aunty Jo

My Karin had her baby girl two night ago and I couldn't be more happy. I already feel an incredible responsibility for this little one resting on my shoulders because I know how much time she will be spending with me and my family. It scares me a little. I don't feel worthy. Oh, but I have so much love to give her and that has got to cover over a multitude of failings.