Friday, March 31, 2006

At the Root of "Roots". . .

Yesterday I was a self-professed non-blogger. Today, I am a convert. Up until now, my reluctance to join in the blogging fun stemmed from a belief that it was not safe for me to be let loose in the blogosphere without direction or guidance. I, left to ramble freely without defined boundaries, have the potential to be highly damaging, both to myself and to any who may feature in any of those ramblings. The pasture of my mind is best kept fenced in, especially when put on public display. Besides, without some sense of direction, how would one decide what to write? It is a special kind of torture to be told by a university professor; "Write a 3000 word essay on . . . well, whatever! Go! And have fun!" Oh, the misery of trying to hone in on a topic when you have an entire universe of choice. Scary.

All this to say that recently, from out of a vast and dizzying universe of possible blog content, a topic upon which to write found me: my husband and I decided to build a home. I have heard it said that if you want to put a major strain on your life and marriage, either renovate your old home, or build a new one. Well, bring it on! Perhaps it is still a little bit early to judge, but I am actually having fun. Even after having spent the last year tearing through magazines for inspiration; drawing up house plans, tearing up house plans, and then re-drawing up house plans; researching endless products and companies, and spending criminal amounts of money on permits, the need for some of which seem to have been plucked from thin air . . . I'm still chipper.

But now, I'm told, we are standing on the precipice. We are about to embark on the actual building process. It is a perilous journey, fraught with many dangers: set-backs and delays; blown budgets, heart-ache and tears; possibly serious bodily harm . . . And I would like to share the journey with any who care to know how the story unfolds. I figure we are bound to make many mistakes, but am also very optimistic that we will be blessed on the whole. And what better way to remember it all than to write it down?

That is my conversion story. I am now a blogger! Hello blogging world! I'm building a house, and I want you to read all about it!
Follow-Up {February 2012}
Since that first blog post, almost six years ago, this place has become so much less about our house, and so much more about God's goodness in our lives. I don't recognize the girl I was back then. I was quite wrapped up in square-footage and lighting fixtures. Now, all I want is to be used by Yahweh to light up a dark world. Let my years of mistakes and moments of revelation stand as a memorial to the one who will complete the work He has begun in us.