Friday, September 19, 2008

::Window Art::

A few weeks ago, I was heading home in the dark when a "FREE" sign, propped against a tree, caught my eye. {I have learned to never overlook such signs, and the hidden treasures they often lead to.} So I slammed on the brakes. Backed up, and found a pile of beautifully beaten up old windows. The paint was chipped. The glass had that telltale ripple. . . They were perfect. There I was, 10:30 at night, in heels and a dress coat, stuffing the car with as many as I could. Worth it!!! These babies have not been wasted.

First I painted two of the biggest windows black. And then I played at being a still-life photographer. A prop-stylist, if you will. Basically, I took posed pictures. I waited for sunny days. I dug through unopened boxes of household stuff in our loft. I clicked away a few afternoons. But I came up with 7 pictures I like enough to put on my wall:

I'm having trouble with the 8th picture. I may wait until I get my hands on some chinese lantern flowers or winter berries. Ideas?