Tuesday, September 09, 2008

::Wish List: Etsy Favourites::

I can't get over how talented these people are. This is my *Etsy List* of favourite items. This could potentially be my Christmas shopping experience, all wrapped up with a bow! I have shopped Etsy before and find the whole process fun, fun, fun. You pick your item, converse with the artist, {who is rated much like eBay}, until it's just what you want, and then purchase it. It shows up in the mail a little while later. Love it. Who doesn't love mail? You have to check this place out. Note: If the item says SOLD it doesn't mean it's gone forever. There may be another one in the artist's shop. Or you may be able to custom order a new one.
P.S. Start a list of your own and then send me the link. Then I will know what to get you!