Tuesday, August 26, 2008

::Prince Cottage Extravaganza 2008::

This is a place I have visited since teenage years. Late nights::50 foot cliffs::Jumping off them::Shoving wars on the raft::Adolescent insecurities::First water ski::First nearly-fatal tube ride::Local drive-in movies::Games::Youth. . .

Now, 15 years later, I came with my husband, my little girl and my baby boy. My sister sat with a far-away look in her eyes as she waited to feel the baby in her stomach move. We communed with friends, some of whom were here with me from the beginning. Most, of whom, were not; married into this lovely inheritance of tradition.

Caelah taught herself how to swim!
Watch the progression:

::Safe in her yellow jacket::
::Shedding her fears::
::Testing the waters::
::There she goes! Doggy-paddling away with her cheeks puffed out::
::Into my arms::
::Where I tell her how deeply proud of her I am::