Friday, August 22, 2008

::"L" is for Leah::

"L" is for Leah.

1. I was scheduled to have her and her little brother stay with us anyways. 2. Realized her birthday fell a day earlier on the calendar. 3. I adore her mom, who has been more than generous to me on many occasions. So. . . I offered to host a party. 11 kids, 7 adults, craziness, cake and one pinata later, we have returned to normalcy around here. {Minus a rested body and mind.} But apart from fatigue, what remains is the blessing of having had a mob of people here we only see in our home a few times a year. "Thank you for having a birthday Leah," Aidan said. I second that. This delightful little girl has brought us all together in more ways than one.

{::Sarah's birthday present: Recipe Album::}
{::Flower Cupcakes for the Kids::}
{::Poppy Seed Layer Cake for US::}
See recipe *HERE*

A few pictures from the kids' stay: