Monday, July 07, 2008

Ray of sunshine

{::Do not pick the roses. You are on camera!::}

I drove to Toronto with only one goal: to be a ray of sunshine to my dear friend. As always she shone her love and generosity right back at me. She had printed me a glossy itinerary for our weekend:

4 pm arrive
6 pm dinner {chez Massons}
8 pm night on the town
*walk on the boardwalk, hear jazz (the beaches)
*walk through Little India
{::Peach & Blueberry cobbler prep.::}
{::Kate and I share a love of many things, one being dark coffee::}
{::Charcoal BBQ smoked chicken for dinner. Mmmm::}
{::Baby love::}
{::Cobbler a la Goo::}

breakfast {chez Massons}- bacon and goat cheese frittata
Bonjour Brioche- almond croissant (reputedly the city's best croissants)
tour Queen street East and West (window shopping!)
*lunch at Fresh (yummy, healthy food)
meander back home: wine, lazy dinner, rest
{::Odd's 'n Ends shop::}
{::Pretty Fabric::}
{::Teething boy::}
{::These shots never work::}
{::Rummi kub: capturing the layout before we mess it up beyond repair::}

9:00 am toronto island ferry
noon-ish- goodbye and tears until next time
{::T.O. skyline::}{::On the ferry, heading to Ward's Island::}
{::Beautiful little cottages::Lush gardens::Quirky flourishes::}

{::Lantern-fish mailbox::}
{::Picnic by the water::}

. . . goodbyes and tears until the next time.