Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A little to the right::Canada Day 2008

{::My red & white boy::}
{::Josh and Karin's red & white girl::}
{::The perfect view. . . so we thought::}
{::Bang! A little to the right. We missed half the show::}
{::Isaiah was captivated::}
{::My sensible kids came prepared::}
*Canada Day 2007* was a much bigger affair. Bigger crew. Bigger view. But we got last year beat for baby head-count. The prospect of weaving the whole family through the crush and into the thick of it was an intimidating one. Although, truth-to-tell, it was a prospect I did contemplate. I just can't shut off that instinctual desire to be at the heart of the action. But my sense did kick in at the last moment. That happens sometimes. And we stayed behind, parking ourselves on a little footbridge off the Canal.

It would have been a perfect alternative had we not misjudged our viewing location, and placed ourselves directly in the path of a large government building. Also, the bridge had the most uncomfortable tendency to jiggle up and down as the crowd moved. Ah well. Them's the breaks. The noise wasn't bad. The crowd wasn't bad. The show wasn't bad. Next year we'll try heading down to the river and watch them over the water.