Friday, July 11, 2008

Love lightly bound

D. W. James

DW James and his rockin country band Wagon Tales are possibly Canada's most exciting country group. Using a wireless microphone, the athletic DW is free to participate with the audience while he is performing -- dancing with a fan one second, jumping across tables the next. The two guitar, bass, drums, lap steel backup of Wagon Tales both on DW's Jack Of All Trades CD and live embellish his original material and selected covers.
"Concert in the Park series at Fitzroy Provincial Park." That's where we were Thursday evening. And we had a wonderful time. Not because of the music, although these guys really did put on a great show. No, it was great because we went with our neighbours. Aidan and I have been gently nudging our way into our neighbours lives. Invites here, holiday cards there, waves and smiles everywhere. But with Mrs. Gibson, we were met with open arms.

She is an older woman living with her step-son a few houses down. Her driveway is lined with pines, and her dog, Jade, has a bark worse than her bite. We first met her outside our door. She was one of the few intrepid residents of John Shaw to make it that far without prompting. Just a "hi," but the "hi" led to tea and biscuits which led to after-dinner visits with the kids, playing fetch with her dogs and basketball with Bruce. . .

She holds my baby and kisses my kids on the tops of their heads. She bakes us cookies and fresh buns and makes a very good effort with regards to the names of my children. She is a warm, wonderful lady. And we were delighted to join her at the park for some music. She seemed so pleased to be surrounded by our rambunctiousness and laughed with her head thrown back at our dance moves and parental antics.

She is one of those women who has love lightly bound within her; held just under the surface of her skin. And when given the chance, she lets it loose in abundance upon those lucky souls who stumble into her path. We have stumbled into her love, and it is an easy and comfortable love to receive. The verse goes; to he who gives much, much will be given. The one woman is giving this family her love, and it will be returned to her six-fold.