Tuesday, July 29, 2008

::Old school::

Faint memories of the place returned to me as we walked among the old buildings. A strip of unspun wool. . . a stern-faced teacher at the school house. . . the smell of wood chips and horses. . . What impressions will my children take with them? Gabriel was both terrified by the grinding machinery, while delighted by the grunting piglets. Elijah seemed pleased with his renegade stroll through a garden of head-high plants. Caelah was quite taken with the tinsmith, but may be haunted by her session at the school house:

"And for those of you who do not seem to be reformed by milder punishments..."
{said the teacher, as she smacked a thick piece of leather repeatedly into her palm.}

Caelah {Wide-eyed}:
"Will this be what school is like for me next year?"

No, my dear. Things have swung, drastically, in the other direction these past few decades.
*See S-209 HERE*