Sunday, June 29, 2008

My mom Rocks!

{Chocolate Orange Mini Cakes}
And when I say "rocks," I mean it in a literal, go-to-a-rock-concert-with-her-daughters kinda' way. A few weeks ago, while at the *Black Sheep Inn*, Mom peeked at the upcoming summer show listings, saw *Emm Gryner's* name, and thought of me. Since the show was scheduled for her birthday, I thought we could add dinner to the deal and make an evening of it. I called our *favourite Thai restaurant*, ordered red curry and chicken satay for take-out, scooped it up and then headed over the bridge to Wakefield. The sky was clear. The temperature warm. We ate dinner by the water, feeling uncomfortably full when we were done. And then the music. . . Emm is one of those multi-talented artists who can sing, write music and flip-flop with ease from the guitar to the piano. Her song *Almighty Love* was sited by Bono among the top six songs from the last two decades he wishes he had written himself! {She sang that one for us.}

At some point in the evening I pulled out a batch of four tiny decadent cakes I had baked at home. We savoured them as best we could, while trying to scarf them down before the venue proprietor noticed we had stowaway food. Mmmmm. We clapped Emm back on stage for two encores and were safe in our beds by 12:30!!! I am still recovering.

{"Panang" with Thai rice}

{Lovely, lovely Wakefield}

{Girly Drink}
Presents were not opened until Saturday, once the fog had lifted from our sleepy brains and we were passably able to function again. I painted Mom B*A*T*H for her fresh new bathroom, and stocked her with fresh white towels. {I settled upon "BATH," however unoriginal, after briefly contemplating SOAK, FRESH, H2O, SCRUB, TUB, WASH. . .}
It was a Happy Birthday. I truly have the coolest Mom around.