Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Chaffeys Locks::The Place

:: Long, winding walks to the Opinicon. Ice cream & candy ahead!
:: Cross Mrs. Cross.
:: Trespassing across cottage properties. Walking the Ponama Path to safety.
:: Climbing up to the tar-scented train bridge. Taking wide strides across the thick, splintered beams.
:: Always the scent of pine trees; their invasive needles stowing into every corner of the cottage. Sweep, sweep, sweeping them out again.
:: The thrill of jumping off the boathouse roof. The thrill made far greater with an audience.
:: Boats of all shapes and colours. The hum of their engines; a lullaby at night.
:: A long, slow swing.
:: Rock island. a.k.a "Snapping-turtle island." A landscape fixture we mostly took for granted, and rarely visited. But when we did, we really made it count.
:: Shifting dynamics among many girls.
:: The boys next door, and the silliness that ensued for their sakes.
:: Dark, dark nights. The panicked dash from one cottage to the next.
:: Listening. The mystery and wonder of a mother in deep conversation with her sister.
:: Trips: Crosby Fair. Westport. Kingston. Forfar. . .
:: A family building memories. Two sister's securing their children's love for one another.