Monday, February 04, 2008

Sweet solidarity

Just a plug for a very cool concept: Roundtable topical discussions on being a woman. Here's how it works: Get a bunch of women, all ages and all manner of stripes and colours, to meet once a month to discuss a pre-determined topic relevant to life as women. All are welcome to contribute tidbits of wisdom, bring along photos, articles, demonstrations. And everyone comes away a little bit wiser.

Tonight, I walked way knowing a bit more about how a dozen women keep their homes organized. One woman shared an article full of helpful tips. Another brought a photo of her newest piece of furniture, meant to store crafts supplies. Another gave out a website concerning home organization. Not five minutes went by without a joke and bursts of laughter. Everyone was candid and open. We were all very different, and yet. . . all women. Trying to run our homes as best we can. Eager to swap advice and soak up encouragement.

I liked it. Sweet solidarity.