Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My very own Jasper Dale

When my husband begins to gleefully design and concoct inventions such as this. . .

. . . A pivoting mailbox,
I begin to think of a certain mister Dale from good old Road to Avonlea. And I find that I am exceedingly proud of his cleverness.

By the way, the rotating, fully-loaded, spring-action mailbox was invented out of necessity. We are currently being serviced by an overly zealous City plough driver. He bombs down the road after a storm and moves for nothing, including mailboxes. Ours was seriously wounded after the BIG storm, (see above), but was completely beheaded after the last snowfall.

Speaking to our local Post Master at the post office the other day: "Oh yeah, that guy's been knocking mailboxes off left, right and center this year! I've had more complaints about this than you'd believe!"