Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Day of Delivery

I met with my surgeon yesterday. It was a much anticipated visit that resulted in bitter/sweet revelations. The sweet: I, and baby, are doing brilliantly. Everything looks good. He remarked at how well I have healed from past surgeries. . . The bitter: I heal too well. Thus, he didn't put a rush on baby's delivery date which is now set for MARCH 13th at 8:00 AM.

My actual due date is two days later! I was so counting on baby being taken on the 1st, or maybe some time that week. Sigh. Early delivery is truly the ONLY perk associated with C-sections and I have been stripped of it. I do wonder what would happen if I did go into labour? I don't know if I would recognize it. What would happen to my body? The lack of concern, on my surgeons part, about the dangers of early labour should bolster my courage, but it hasn't tempered my disappointment.