Thursday, February 28, 2008

The not-so Nursery

???Not a chance. . .
Here is the state of the "nursery" today; a week away from baby's homecoming:

Four kids, two bedrooms, no doors and an unfinished master bathroom. . . Make it work! Our long term plan, regarding children and bedrooms, is to have a finished basement with two bedrooms for the boys someday. The five-year plan is to have the boys sleep together in one room in a funky triple-bunk arrangement. The immediate plan is to have the baby use our master bathroom as a nursery until he sleeps through the night. And then Caelah will have her brother in her room for a year or so. "But he's a boy!" She'll embrace the idea eventually, I'm sure.

While I wait for renovations to progress. Baby's things lie in wait also.
Here, there and everywhere.