Friday, December 28, 2007

Radio Flyer

This year's Top Gift:

Caelah and Elijah each got one. Smart Move! They have already "personalized" their vehicles with stickers. We decided they might as well use them throughout the house because summer is a long way off. Our floors and layout provide a perfect circular "track" for them. I don't regret this decision. These are two very happy kiddoes, getting plenty of exercise during the off season. However we did not have the foresight to avoid a littlest boy's awareness of being left out. He can't work of those scooters. In fact, I think they scare him a little, (he has been run over a few times since they have come into this house,) but he still wanted to be part of the Scooter Gang. We eventually went outside and dug his toy car out of the snow. It moves a lot more slowly than the scooters, causing regular traffic jams around the kitchen island, but he seems satisfied. Now they all have wheels.