Thursday, December 20, 2007

Farmhouse Hutch

One of my favourite garage sale finds last summer. Aidan insists he could have whipped one together for me if I had asked, but that would have meant patiently waiting for him to find the time.

It's old and beat up and I love the way that shows through as it is, but. . . I don't like red toned wood! It seems to find me wherever I go, but I prefer dark tones. The red doesn't work with the kitchen anyways. The kitchen is black, white and silver. So, do I paint it black and say goodbye to all of the exposed character of the wood? Or do I stain it darker? Painting is so much easier
. . .

Either way, the bulk of the work will have to wait until spring. For now, I've taken off two of it's doors and am considering painting the shelves and inside to cover over the horrible mint green colour it presently is. Any feedback?