Monday, August 30, 2010

::Made Willing::

Would you all think to pray for me in the next few weeks? The year has tugged and pulled and stretched me in ways I never could have predicted. I find myself moving and thinking in ways that were nowhere on my horizon. I am changed.

One of the ways my life has been altered is with regards to my children's schooling. This Fall, Caelah will be home with me. This is an age-old discussion I would rather not wade deeply into here and now. Ask me when you see me, perhaps. I can look you in the eye and try and explain. But just know that my unwilling heart was made willing by ways and means I can not retrace, and I find myself eager to have my daughter home with me for the school year. I am very exciting to teach and learn by her side. But I am also unsettled. All the feelings of inadequacy this Mother tends to have are now channeled on the opening of the school year. How can I possibly balance all of this and do it well?

Please pray that I hit my stride quickly, and find great blessing in this new life of ours.