Saturday, August 07, 2010

::Annorah & I::

y baby girl and I paired up for our birthday celebration this year. Why not? We are two weeks apart, so one party made more sense. This year, Annorah turned 1 and I am about to turn 29. The weather could not have been more beautiful, and it has been a low-bug season. So we all spent most of the time scattered about the lawn and porch.

We asked anyone who wanted to come early to bring baguettes or buns stuffed with their favourite sandwich toppings so we could grill them for dinner. We ladies tried to tackle the grill, as the men suddenly went AWOL. This resulted in a few deeply charred "carbon sandwiches." But mostly they were amazing, especially Karin and Josh's smoked cheese, prosciutto & avocado sandwiches. Recipe, please?

Then of course came dessert. My specialty...

::Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Truffle Tart::

This is not a dessert for the milk chocolate fans out there. It's hardcore-- dark and bitter. Ideal with coffee and whipped cream.

I also made a cheesecake that had a fresh, bright citrus flavour:
::Key Lime Cheesecake::
Note: Anytime the recipe says to use a "light" ingredient, I completely ignored it. Full cream. Full fat. Full flavour. And Miss Tara made her beautiful carrot cake that looked like it came out of a food magazine. Yum!

It was so good to have the house packed again. We have been having our parties in town lately to save people the drive, but Aidan and I love having people in our home. Sadly, the photos just didn't turn out for this gig. Evening lighting defeats me every time. And I just can't bring myself to use the flash. So, here are a few of the blurry, goofy-faced photos that I am not ashamed to share for posterity's sake:

{So, this was the best photo taken of me all night. . . Seriously.}

{Blurry Oma being gazed at adoringly by HipHop Norah.}

{Two little monkeys smearing little fingers into Tara's pretty cake.}

{Tightly wrapped burrito-babies}

{Aunty Kate's gift included an adorable pink cap. I had to put it on her right away.}

{Leah loves babies. Obviously, Julia could tell...}

{Menfolk on the lawn.}

{More blurry photos of the birthday girls}