Friday, August 13, 2010

::Fire Darts::

"id you see that one!?" Out of the corner of my eye I saw something bright streak across the sky. "Missed it!" But there were more. Flashes of light darting across the sky. Chunks of space rock aflame in the darkness.

My little brother and I were very determined to catch sight of these furtive beauties. Him, because this city-bound boy had never seen one. Me, because I yearned to fill that small empty spot within him. This kid never asks for anything. Unlike so many boys his age, he never expresses a sense of entitlement. And because of that I think we, his grown siblings, feel compelled to delight him.

And so we trekked through the muck of the field next door to no avail. The single street light parked just in front of our lot was ruining out night vision. Into the van and down the road. We pulled over in the darkness. Looked up. Waited. Hoody pulled over his shock of orange hair. Leaning back against the coolness of the van. Hands deep in pockets. He watched the sky. And I watched him. My heart hurting with love for him and his raw wonderment. And the sky offered up it's fiery darts to a sister and brother awash with calm expectations.