Friday, September 10, 2010

::A week of Moments::

xtricating myself from a heap of children to pass them on to their Daddy, who seamlessly continued where I had left off-- tickling!

Joining a group of brothers and sisters in the love of learning. Opening our Bibles together and peering at the Truth. Striving to understand. Striving to be more than we are. Striving to love more than we do.

Looking into new eyes and finding kinship. Being encouraged by strangers who understand me without knowing me. Affirming the power of unity regardless of stripes and colours.

Biting into the very first sweet I have had in almost a month and thinking: Mmmmmmmmmm.

The comfort of big eager dogs greeting my in the darkness of the driveway after a long evening away. Looking up to see my husband waiting for me in the doorway.

Sitting at a coffee shop celebrating one week of teaching at home. Hard-working girl munching on a thick hunk of lemon bread. Baby sister sitting on the cafe table stealing scraps. Little brother smearing brownie all over his nose.

The sad beauty of being right there when my daughter looked from her book and muttered; "That's so sad. I didn't know you could sell people. . . " Feeling the weight of trying to explain the deep wrongs of the world we live in.

The rush of relief at NOT hitting the enormous hawk that swooped low in front of our moving car. Trying to ignore the little voice in the backseat: "I think you hit him a little bit..."

Swinging by a local orchard and picking up a basket of wind-fallen apples for pie. Chatting with the orchard ladies about the age old question; "What is actually in mincemeat?"

The anticipation of a new camera lens, without which I have been feeling a little bit lost.

The greater anticipation of reuniting with friends and family after a long week of trying to keep my head above the water.