Thursday, September 30, 2010


few words for my parents on their anniversary. Why come up with them myself when Spurgeon says it so much  better:

"It would not be easy for some of us to recall the hour when we first heard the name of Jesus. In very infancy that sweet sound was as familiar to our ear as the hush of lullaby
Our earliest recollections are associated with the house of God, the family altar, the Holy Bible, the sacred song, and the fervent prayer. 
Like young Samuels, we were lighted to our rest by the lamps of the sanctuary, and were awakened by the sound of the morning hymn. Many a time has the man of God, whom a parent's hospitality has entertained, implored a blessing on our head, desiring in all sincerity that we might early call the Redeemer blessed; and to his petition a mother's earnest "Amen" has solemnly responded. Perhaps the first song we learned to sing was concerning the children's best Friend. The first book that we began to read contained His sweet name, and many were the times when we were pressed by godly ones to think of Jesus, and to give our young

hearts to Him."
~Charles Spurgeon~

Mom and Dad, you gave me these things, just as Aidan and I give them to our children.
I can not thank you enough for the example of love and faithfulness.
Happy anniversary Mom &Dad.