Monday, February 02, 2009

::Hands and Feet::

Aidan came up the stairs this morning, flopped onto the couch next to me and said; "Let's just pick up the phone and call her. I'm tired of us saying we're going to do things and not doing them." Agreed. So I called.

The phone call we made was to our dear neighbour Mrs. Gibson. The occasion of the call was to ask her and her son to dinner, both to enjoy their delightful company, but also in hopes of learning how we can plug ourselves into the community as a family. Margaret is a very active member of the neighbourhood. She works the polling stations. She fundraises. She helps at the Senior's Home. She has many things to teach us, and we are ready to learn.

"We want you to help us find ways for us to serve the community, along with our kids." Her response was wonderful. "Oh, sure! There are lots of things you can all do!"

Of course, this should come as no surprise. Haven't we been taught the same over and over again? The weak and the unwell. The aged and the lonely. The poor and the oppressed. They are living among us and we are commanded to take the surplus of love, hope and joy we have and put it to use in the quarters of the hurting. The truth is, however, I have been simply overwhelmed at the vastness of the need. Where do I begin? How will my children be able to minister alongside me?

As is often the case, the first step is the hardest: Just ask. Ask the wise neighbour and friend. Ask the seasoned servant who has been giving of herself tirelessly. She will gladly lead and guide. Of course she will, because she loves the people she is serving and knows that extra hands will be a blessing.

I eagerly anticipate the beginning of a very new way of living. And I urge you all to hold me accountable. Ask me in a few months how busy our hands and feet are. I pray that we will be able to bless you all with stories of outreach and service. In the meantime, would you bless me with stories of your own? In what ways are your servant hands busy? How have you been training your little ones to love and serve? I have asked this before, but will never tire of your examples and wisdom.