Monday, October 06, 2008

::Young Serving Hearts::

Aidan and I have been convicted of late. If we believe what Jesus says about serving others in love, why can't our children learn how to serve now? Yes, they have been taught to share with one another, {work in progress mind you}. And they delight in giving of themselves in various childlike ways. But their giving remains within a small circle of friends and family. What about the world? How can we open their young eyes to a world in need of love?

*Putting together care packages for street missions?
*Singing in nursing homes?
*Looking for needs among the neighbours/community and finding ways to help?

Each of my children are revealing their unique strengths and gifts more clearly every day. How can I teach them to use them for the sake of others? Seeing the fruits of service delights the soul. I desire that kind of soul food for my children. Are any of you working towards this with your kids? Ideas?

::Case in Point::
We arrived home from church last night to find a little red wagon parked by our front steps. Inside it were four orange pumpkins; one for each child. I don't know who left this unexpected gift at our doorstep. But in that person resides a servant heart.
{Yes, I can count. I cooked one of the pumpkins already!}