Tuesday, October 21, 2008

::Third World Bizaar::

Attending this event has become a tradition for my mom, sister and I. All of us love the colour and warmth of a lot of the goods offered here. Having been to Africa, Kate and I feel particularly at home. Basically, the Third World Bazaar is a traveling market that sets up shop in a barn in Manotick for the month of October. The prices are reasonable, although we've seen them creep upwards as the event grows in popularity. {A lot of the money made is donated by the owners.} And we inevitable get a bit of Christmas shopping done while we're there. I will be ever beholden to this Bazaar for the beautiful mirror I purchased there last year. At $70, I would say it was a steal:

I was also gifted these bowls for Christmas last year, curtesy of my attentive sister, {she saw me admiring them}:

In return, I got her an ornate jewelry box:

Some images of the bazaar:

*Third World Bazaar*
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