Friday, November 28, 2008

::Windows & Doors; Shelves & Lights::

We hung our first curtain: A tablecloth I found in Montreal for $14.00, and am now kicking myself over-- why didn't I buy ten?!

Aidan worked on the linen closet. {Currently holding more presents; less linen.} See the beautiful trim work? He did it all himself. We are going to put a door on the closet eventually, but for now I'm still rejoicing over the shelves.

The lovely reclaimed window I first mentioned *here* has finally been given it's place of honour. It has been fitted up above the firewood storage cubby. We have big plans for that space. The window is a good start. {Pictures to come}.

These carriage house lanterns, meant to be outdoor lights, now adorn our upstairs hallway. They were intended for the garage, but proved to be too small. They completely fit the decor of the house. And they give off such a nice light.

And finally, a bedroom door! It has been a long-standing joke to entice guests over for the night with promises of a door on the bedroom next time. . . Well, we've finally hung one on the boys room--no joke. It only took 15 months. This door, along with two others, came to us via the side of the road. {The same house that offered me *these*}. We should invite those folks over for dinner. They've unwittingly saved us a bundle.

Small changes.