Monday, November 24, 2008

::The many faces of success::

Tomorrow I am off to the fair.
I would ask you all to pray for my heart. Pray that the experience will be a blessing, no matter what form that takes. The hope, of course, is that my *Alphabet Letters* will fly off the shelves. But, still chastened from *last year's experience,* I am very prepared for the possibility of many compliments without many sales.

I have had a lot of fun putting together my display this year. Last year, I did not enjoy the preparation. It was an assembly line of drudgery, and my children were neglected while I rushed to get everything done. This time around, my little ones were tucked in bed before I even picked up my paint brush! Every morning they would awake to see a new set of pretty painted letters added to the display.

I have also learned much about unrealistic expectations. After my one year of crafting, I have become aquainted with the ebbs and flows of demand. I have also learned that marketing is a very powerful tool; one that a mother of four has no hope of harnessing while keeping her family the first priority. And so, I have settled into the slow and easy rhythm of creating at leisure, while accepting the small successes with grace and joy.

Another very specific prayer request: May my display shelf stand firmly. May it not tip over on top of an unsuspecting peruser, possibly eliciting a law suit.

Thanks to all of you.