Monday, March 31, 2008

Retirement Party

My little sister "retired" yesterday. She has left her job as a teacher to prepare for motherhood. As her big sister, I was so pleased to see how supportive Dave was of her desire to stop working. She is months away from having this baby, but so ready to be at home getting her nest in order. It was Dave who honoured her with this party. Mainly it was a humourous excuse for a get-together among friends but, in a sense, she truly is retiring. She is leaving a life of social immersion, relative independence, money-making and flexibility, to do something that is, in many ways, much harder: To raise a family, tethered more tightly to home, striving towards wisdom, godliness and contentment day after day. So why not celebrate her choice? We were only too happy to show her we understand & happy to show her that we honour her choice too.

{Pictures: Night at the movies (in our living room)--Silhouette photo shoot, ( I was going for a Lion King moment)--M&M's by the fistful--A very poorly written message on a very blue cake--}