Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Blog from the hospital

This morning, Jo writes:

A transcription:
Twice! In a row! A very rare thing, apparently. Yet here we are. Another baby in Special Care with tubes and needles all over his little body. As heartbreaking as this process remains, it has been far less emotional the second time around. We are familiar with the hows' and why's. We trust the nurses. We see the end in sight.

Yesterday evening, Aidan and I found him breathing fairly quickly in his incubator. But the nurse assured us that he was "much improved,", and though his breathing was rapid, it has become regular. "We'll see what he does tonight," she said.

And so we made our way to him again this morning, hoping to find him well. And we did. His little belly was moving up and down far more slowly, and with regularity. He looked calm. The forcast looks good. I will hopefully be able to give him his first feeding around lunch, and he will be in my room with me tomorrow morning.

My health report card looked less peachy this morning. I keep wanting to faint. I will be furious with myself it my baby is needing to eat but I can't sit through a feeding! I will be majorly HYDRATING from now 'till noon in hopes of keeping my eyes free of black dots.

It turns out that having breakfast (9:00 is *way* to late for breakfast to be served!) does wonders to a mommy who just had surgery, and nothing to eat the day before. She wrote the above at breakfast. After breakfast, she was in much better shape and even had a shower all by herself. And when I left at noon, Isaiah was off the machines, happily suckling, held closely in Jo's loving embrace.