Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Faint-Hearted Fellows

I have been waiting to hear this someday, somewhere, somehow:

"Sometimes the girl should ask the guy out, (but the guy shouldn't make her have to). God used Deborah when Barak wouldn’t step up. Couldn’t this also (sometimes) be God’s way of matching faint-hearted fellows with gutsy girls?"

-Abraham Piper: 22 Words -

Phew. Cause that's how it went in Our Story. . . Girl noticed guy. Guy noticed girl. Both observed out another not-so-inconspicuously. Guy strutted and fanned out his peacock feathers for girl to see, but ne'er a word he spake. Girl waited. And waited. And waited. Girl decided to ask guy to a concert. Guy was VERY quick to say 'yes'. The rest is history.
Had I never "stepped up," I have a strong suspicion Aidan and I would have been ships passing in full daylight, knowing there was a spark, but doing nothing to fan the flames.