Tuesday, December 06, 2011

::Tree Day 2011::

Tree-cutting time again. Cedar Hill is no longer a Berry Farm, but strictly a tree operation. They built a beautiful new timber-frame lodge for sales, and have been planting like crazy. The area we were cutting in was so dense that we had to keep a close watch on the kids. Annorah became quite adept at squirming sideways between the prickly boughs and popping into the next row.

Every tree is pruned to perfection. That makes it very hard to choose. We found a tree we loved and marked it with a small pink mitten, but then spotted a new favourite a few rows away and had to hunt down the mitten again. We all left happy and in a wintery mood, (it helped that a dusting of snow remained on the ground and branches.) Once our trees were dragged up to the ends of the rows, a tractor came to haul us and our sappy treasures back to our the lodge. The family who runs the farm are such kind people. We will support them for as long as they are in business.