Friday, December 30, 2011

::Snowshoe Picnic::

I really don't like buying the kids things they will use once and then forget about. I love to think of gifts that will not only be used, but will draw the kids together. This year I was truly blessed to have discovered a HUGE sale on snowshoes on the L.L.Bean website. 70% off. I snatched up three pairs, even though the two pairs assigned to my boys were decidedly lilac-toned. (I covered them in cool stickers to make up for that.) Along with the snowshoes, we gave each of the kids a knapsack packed with winter picnic essentials: A thermos & granola bars. Gabriel and I ventured out for our first picnic regardless of the thin layer of snow. He really enjoyed himself, (I know this because the speed with which he speaks is proportionate to his level of excitement, and I couldn't get a word in edge-wise,) but I know he'll have infinitely more fun with his siblings in tow along with a few more feet of snow.