Thursday, September 15, 2011


Caelah and I have been looking into what pioneer kids played with. This is just one of many things they came up with:

Activity: Make a Thaumatrope!
Thaumatropes were an early form of "animation" created by placing two different images that fit together on either side of a disk.
1. Pick two circular images that would fit together if they were superimposed on top of one another.
2. Cut out a similar-sized circle out of thick cardboard, or wood.
3. Paste one image right-side up. And the other upside-down.
4. Punch two holes on the sides of the circle and feed two rubber bands through.
5. Twist and let go!
You can use any image at all, but traditionally, the pioneers posed a riddle: one side the question. The next side the answer. The riddle above reads:
Q:How is a dog like a Highwayman?
A: Because he is in quest of prey.