Thursday, September 08, 2011

::Bookmarks & Baskets::

A new organization strategy: Bookmarks & Baskets!
I found beautiful, sturdy wicker baskets on sale the other day, so I scooped up four. At the moment, they have been filled with four categories of books:
1. Caelah's weekly work.
2. Caelah's pleasure-reading.
3. My devotional books and studies.
4. My pleasure-reading. {Which, I suspect, will remain largely untouched until June}

The benefits of having a basket to haul around everything at once are many. Caelah plucks from the front of the basket, then tucks her finished work in the back, only to return to it once all of the material in front has been worked through.

The Bookmarks are the product of my new love-affair with my fancy ::Marvy Uchida Giga Craft Punch::
1. Punch out brightly coloured card-stock, scrapbook paper or plain cardstock{this can be covered with images from magazines.}
2. Coat it in clear packing tape. Cut off excess tape.
3. Punch a hole in circle using a regular hole-punch.
4. Feed a string or ribbon or hemp through the hole and tie beads to the dangling ends.