Wednesday, September 07, 2011

::First Day of School::

This year, I have been learning a lot about discipline. Discipline involves submitting to what God is speaking into our hearts through His Word and Spirit.

This in mind, Caelah and I have been getting up at 6:30, well before the others, to go and do our devotions by lamplight. My hunger for study is enough for me, but I have worked to make it a warm and comforting habit for her. I have muffins and fresh fruit for us. We have set out cushions and warm blankets to curl up under. And I make myself available to her. I set aside my studies to answer her questions sufficiently and well.

I wanted to treat Caelah to a back-to-school outfit. Even if no one really appreciates our fashion sense but us. . . I finally developed a taste for UGGs. I used to think they made people look like they were wearing marshmallows, but I have succumbed to the style.

I also delved into my Christmas trunk early to give Caelah this: A Lapdesk. It was on sale at Chapters. We do most of our work on the floor around here. So I knew it would prove helpful.

Elijah came from school a surly bear. Hypoglycemic? I will be sure to throw food directly into his path today when he comes home. As for Gabriel, he has not yet begun. However, he has been praying in preparation: "God, I pray that everyone will remember my name, and I pray that I will remember everyone's name as well."