Thursday, June 09, 2011

::F is for Foreign Fruits::

Caelah and I visited the new Sobey's on our way to take her little sister to the doctor's for shots-- gulp! What a Gourmet heaven! Cheeses and meats of every description. And the fruit were too pretty to pass up: Starfruit, Grenadilla, Tomatillo, Lychee & Asian Brown Pear. With some at $3.oo each, this will not be a regular expenditure. Having played around with all of these new fruit, I have concluded that the most fun comes from seeing what the insides hold. The Lychee had white flesh with an olive-like pit. The Passionfruit was packed with slimy seeds. The persimmon had an orange outer flesh, but a blood red center. . .

A few of the ways we ate these beautiful things:

{::Starfruit Chips::}
Verdict: Tangy and interesting. The reminded me of dried apricot.

{::Charred Tomatillo Quacamole::}
Verdict: I really like tomatillos. They are a tangier, sweeter, prettier version of a tomato.

{::Asian Pears with Ginger-Maple Syrup::}
Verdict: What a disappointing pear! Grainy, with almost no flavour! Kind of like water chestnuts.

{::Persimmon Salsa::}
Verdict: Strangely muted. It had a hint of mango-like sweetness to it, but was far less interesting.

The Passionfruit a.k.a Grenadilla was our favourite: All it needed was a bit of whipped cream.

The Lychee? We ate it just as it is. A cross between a white grape and grapefruit. I love them.