Tuesday, June 28, 2011

:: Chickens & more Chickens ::

Lots of changes and wrap-ups this week.

We have entered into summer vacation a little earlier than expected. Elijah came down with chicken pox. {And he was immunized!} It's baffling. He has been so tough, apart from the one night of deep discomfort which landed him in bed with me. A mother's arms can soothe.

I chopped my hair off and darkened it. I am embracing my new identity as a brunette.

Caelah's year of Drama culminated in a very adorable performance of "Chicken Princess." She played a wizard, while her cast members played anything from a dragon to a mouse. Some strutted about fearless. Others lisped their lines sweetly. I prodded them all out onto the stage at the appropriate time and made a few sound effects. It was priceless.

I remember being the girl who stayed off the stage and painted props. But when opening night came, I would wish myself out there, even if only to be a part of the scenery. So, I am very proud of Caelah. She is a braver girl than I ever was.