Tuesday, April 26, 2011

::Keep Walking::

Teacher: "Stop second-guessing."

My words. Ever my power. Ever my weapon. Allow vibrating-throat to release formed thoughts? Or clip them off with teeth clamped?

Student: "Yeah, that's been the burden I carry these days. . . Do you ever do that?"

Tell me you do.

Teacher: "Not really."

How can that be?

Student: "What do you do when you've made a mistake? I mean, what goes on inside your head?"

Teach. This student needs to learn.

Teacher: "Not much. We have a Saviour who forgives. So I keep walking."

Keep walking.

Teacher: "Better to make the mistakes while pouring out love than to give hurting people nothing at all. It's the love they will remember."

The love.

Teacher: "Love covers over a multitude of sins."

Truth-Breathed Scripture. 'Yes!' echoes in me.

Student: "Ah, yes. And there it is."

Keep loving.
Keep walking.