Sunday, April 03, 2011

::Last Day in New York::

Our last day.
It was 9:30 when we woke up in the morning. Unheard of at home. We had all been curled up on the couch watching a ::Keith Green documentary::, (what an amazing guy he was!) when I looked over at Sus and saw she had passed out. I remember thinking; Well, then I can too! And I don't remember a whole lot more. The smell of cooking lead me to the kitchen. Rick had made pancakes. He says he uses a recipe for crepes, but just makes them thick. "Pancakes are just so spongy," he said. Exactly!

Sus and I had conspired the day before to get out on our own, and sprung the idea to the menfolk. I knew Aidan would be content with down time anyways. So, I had a shower while Sus got the kids ready for a trip to the park, and the men set out for a morning in the sun while we hit the Subway. I wanted to see the World Trade Center site. The stop spit us out right at it's feet. All I could really see was construction, and a partly-built tower. We wandered into the a church that has been converted into an informal museum/memorial. Sorrow is still very near the surface for most people. I can't believe it was a decade ago! It does feel like it only just happened.

We set off in search of SOHO, but were directed in the opposite direction. No problem! Walking is what I came to this city to do! So we turned around and headed back the way we had come.

We swung into a store called ::Pearl River::, filled with colourful Asian wares. I settled on some small shoes for Norah, four tiny kettles, and cups and a sushi set for Josh & Karin. Eventually, we found The Angelique Cafe I had so enjoyed a few days before. Sus loved it immediately. We ordered way too much food and ate most of it. The same waitress was working, and in my naivety, I assumed she would remember me. She pretended too. It appears she is equally invested in each customer.

Back home, I sat next to Aidan on the floor of Amelia's room and unwound. It occurred to me that I had to eat out at a restaurant one hour from then, and my stomach was still very full. we had decided to leave our dinner location up to the recommendations of Rick & Sus. They both suggested a local Italian place called ::Convivium Osteria::. An intimidating name, but not a cozy establishment. I even loved the sign above the door. A very warm interior--copper and gold everywhere. I loved it. The staff were a little intense. They all had a very hard time speaking English, and because we were the first to sit down, we were stared at. But, it was nothing like the glares I experienced the day before from the cradle-robber.

First, we ordered a cheese platter that was sooooooooooo good. We also had a bowl of crunchy French bread and olive oil. Then came my fish in a white wine reduction and Aidan's braised ribs. We were both very pleased with our meal.

After the meal I asked if we could walk and walk and walk. And just as we set out to travel a long way down 7th Ave we came upon Tom, a childhood friend. What are the odds?! Tom kept mentioning Ottawa-- and my mom. She has left a deep impression on him. I am not surprised. She leaves that impression of everyone. I can just picture little Tom sitting between the two intense sisters while we girls fluttered about worrying about our hair. He must have preferred our mothers' company. Can't blame him. We left, having decided they needed to come and stay with us. Two New Yorkers who actually value, both love kids and the countryside!