Tuesday, March 08, 2011

::Nesting Place::

I have been feeling conflicted about posting my teaching lessons on my family blog from the beginning. Yet, I have been reluctant to share my teaching blog with everyone because it's not a wrapped package. It never will be. I will constantly be editing it, because I will be adding things I learn along the way. Also, I only have half a year's supply of material available. That in mind, please feel free to head on over. I just opened it up.

You need to keep in mind:

1. Nesting Place is VERY sparse. It is something that will build with time. If you click on a link and end up nowhere, or somewhere very confusing and unpolished, that's because I haven't taught the subject yet.

2. All teachers make mistakes. I am sure there are erroneous "facts" all throughout my lessons. Please have grace. But, also, feel free to point them out to me. A few clicks with my mouse is all it would take to set it right.

3. Please don't subscribe to this blog in an RSS Feed. It is not a typical "log," but a resource database. I will be that I am constantly editing each post. A Feed would send you this post over and over and over again. So, rather than subscribing, just check back when you feel like it and explore it directly.

4. There are lots of links to Worksheets that I haven't made available yet. I will soon.

5. I need input. If any of you know of links, books are other resources that would help fill in blanks. Please pass them along.