Thursday, March 17, 2011

::Bare Bums & Paper Creations::

My peripheral vision barely catches the caravan of boys going around and around and around-- one bare bum exposed for potty training purposes-- But my ears do catch the shrieks and hollers of boys chasing boys. Such a loud pastime. School is out. My house is crazy. Yesterday I cleaned up honeyed oats four times! The littlest ones seem to enjoy pecking at it, and when my back it turned they heave open the pantry and fling the stuff far and wide. I have also been following a mysterious trail of yellow Lego blocks. Elijah must have prepared a game of Find-the-Lego-bits, then abandoned it. In the shower. In his sister's sock drawer. Propped on the railing. May my bare feet not encounter one in the dark.

The week has yielded some interesting craftiness. Elijah disappeared into the art room for an hour and came out with a model keyboard and a replica of our kitchen island, complete with fruit bowl, decorative twigs & one pound of tape. What a kid!

Aidan and I are going to New York on Tuesday! He has a conference, and asked if I wanted to come along. Yes! The kids are all cared for-- bless you, my loving family and friends! Where should I go? What should a wear? And most importantly, where should we eat?

If any of you have kids who are nearing the age of examination for the Lord's Supper, take a peek at the worksheets I have been preparing for Caelah. They are very intensive, but the purpose it to teach deeply.