Sunday, March 06, 2011

::Birthdays & Icecream Sandwiches::

We have had two little boys grow into slightly older little boys this month. Gabriel turned 5, and Isaiah turned 3. My state of mind has been--frazzled of late. I normally combine the two birthdays for everyone's sake. This year, I completely forgot. So we had one party, closely followed by another. Now, when I say "party" I do not mean copious amounts of balloons, or bulging loot bags--fun as those might be. Our parties are really just gatherings-- the people we love most in one location, eating great food. When the inspiration takes hold, and the energy is available, I organize a treasure hunt, or an outing to a sledding hill. But the pressure is off. No need to compete with the $1000 parties out there. We just celebrate with all our hearts.

Isaiah's party was icecreamy & car mat zig-zaggy.
Sticky-fingered Simplicity.