Saturday, November 06, 2010

::I Caught It::

"Love never fails. . . When you put it out there, and it feels like it fell to the ground, God says; "I caught it!" "
~Beth Moore~

A bunch of young mothers, having tucked little ones to bed and ventured out of the house in the dark, huddled around a big television with mugs of decaf coffee, watching a video on the topic of rejection. Mrs. Moore began by asking us all; "Who hasn't loved you?" She looked at the audience and stayed silent for a long time. "Who have you loved, and been spit out by?"

A few of the girls wiped their eyes. A few were quietly crying. But I remained calmly still. I searched my mind.
Who hasn't loved me?

It took another ten minutes before a thrill shot through me, and I realized how completely healed I am from last winter. {Read ::HERE::} I am so saturated in love I am nearly blind to past rejection. What an exciting realization!

A bold call went out to us all that evening. A call that has been resounding through my skull like a gong for nearly one year.
Love never fails.
~1 Corinthians 13:8~
When you plead with God to fill you with a love you could never manufacture yourself. And you cover over everyone around you, regardless of whether or not they have ever even looked in your general direction, it will never fall to the ground--never remain on the floor to be trampled. It goes up to God like incense. He receives it and gives it back to us in the form of abiding joy and peace in our hearts.