Friday, November 19, 2010


My life and choices have kept me from my photo journal here, in this on line space. It saddens me, because I love my life. I love my camera. And I love to share the bounty of both. When is the last time I posted about everyday life? I looked back at some of the accumulating photos and found a very few that can fill in some of the blanks.

With great sadness, the girls and I have been piecing together a scrapbook for our dear friends the Firths. They have been with us for a year, but are returning home in a few weeks. That's Talitha and I above. Some people radiate goodness and warmth from beginning to end, and she is one of them.

May I just say that this photo makes me good and happy. Look at the faces on these kids. They look entirely unimpressed. And then there is the pudgy butterfly assaulting her older sister. Great stuff. . .
Our Halloween was spent in Wakefield with the gang. This year, I saw a costume that set my handmade heart aflutter-- a little girl dressed as Autumn. Seasons! Winter, I figure, is the most masculine of the seasons to personify. Elijah was decked out in white and "ice"-covered twigs. I even sprayed his hair white. Caelah was wrapped in autumn leaves from her head to her waist. Gabriel wanted no part of this, and so he donned last-year's Road costume. {Later that evening, when he began to turn blue with cold, I shoved the costume over his jacket. He groaned; "I don't look like a road! I just look fat!"} Road-Hog?
Annorah was a chubby pink butterfly. She spent her evening cocooned inside Daddy's coat, wings peeking up over top. And Isaiah was, yes, the bumblebee. This costume has been in circulation for nearly ten years now. As a whole, I remarked, we represented four parts Nature, and one part Nature-killer, {paved highways aren't so Nature-friendly, huh?}.

On that note, our chubby butterfly began to walk last week. Our last first steps. She is very pleased with herself. It took her awhile to really gain her balance because she has become joined at the hip with this baby doll.

Along with this development has emerged a very strange habits. She now has a propensity for eating sweater lint! Yes, she reaches across space to pluck balls of pill off a sweater and pop them in her mouth. This baffles me because no sooner has she done it, she begins spitting it out and grimacing over the strands caught on her tongue. The other day I saw an angry red mess in her mouth. It startled me, because it looked she had blood everywhere. And then I looked down at my read sweater and put two and two together.
Let's just hope this passes soon.

I will sift through some more photos and life bits soon.