Monday, February 01, 2010

::Top Chef::

idan and I are great lovers of food. We don't have the resources for expensive ingredients, but we have endeavoured to learn how to turn humbler ingredients into great tasting fare. We cook from as many ethnic flavours as we can and have so few aversions that we can sit down around any table in any home and enjoy an unfamiliar meal. I hope our kids cultivate an appreciation for a broad spectrum of tastes. It is a gift.

We are not alone in this. We have several food-loving friends who share the passion, two of whom joined us Saturday evening. We had decided to chose a few recipes from a show we all enjoy, so we could taste some of the dishes that made us hungry when we watched them come together on screen. The results were better than good. We paced ourselves, cooking and eating on and off from 6:00 to 10:00. Swiss cheese pasta with shrimp. Pork chops with tomato, olives and feta. Seared fennel-rubbed steak. Rustic apple tarts. All with flourishes I can't describe to you because they require french accents my keyboard won't produce. . . We never got to the last dish, but didn't miss it. We were stuffed.

It was a good evening, as it always is when you combine cooking and good company.